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Health benefits of

World's most commonly consumed food grain has abundant health benefits.

Whole-wheat is rich in insoluble fibers that are concentrated in the bran.

Studies indicate that components of wheat bran may function as prebiotics, feeding the beneficial bacteria residing in the gut

Observational studies have linked whole grain consumption (including whole wheat) with reduced risk of colon cancer

Hi! I am the wheat-grain

I Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

I Reduce Your Risk of Obesity

I Lower Your Risk of Stroke

I lower risk of heart diseases

I am high in nutrients and fiber

Wheat Grain

About us

We at Assuda Atta understand how meals have brought families together through the years. This is why we are committed towards providing high quality flour, from hard wheat grown across India. With world class manufacturing facilities, a strong emphasis on hygiene and user-friendly packaging, we believe in serving every family the nourishing taste of wholes wheat and a reason to come together.

The health consciences had made people understand that for keeping stomach on healthy condition we require fibrous food which is available in wheat bran. So people had inclination towards whole wheat Atta as was previously done in conventional chakki’s all over cities, villages where every houses use to clean wheat wash them & after drying the wheat was sent to near by chakki’s for making Atta. Knowing value of this people started putting up automatic plant to give best quality whole wheat Atta by cleaning, washing & grinding with chakki’s.

Our company understood the need of chakki fresh Atta with proper bran contents decided to give educated class of people with proper bran Atta.

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